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Company is pleased to plow and water purification and desalination of drinking water to provide to you the best solution to the problem of water pollution and the latest purifiers and desalination of drinking water and operating theory of reverse osmosis REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM, which produce pure healthy drinking water safe. • The company and blow water in Egypt in cooperation with some international companies to supply the Egyptian citizen Maouselt the latest technology in water purification and desalination of drinking water. • So are honored to offer you the latest hardware that can be used in homes, businesses and tourist villages and farms, which is keen on the use of clean drinking water than bottled water in their specifications. Where some of these devices the theory of reverse osmosis, which gives the degree of purity of up to 99%. After sales service

Bilateral filter

Your body depends on clean water to perform its daily functions, such as digestion, temperature and blood regulation, respiration, and detoxification.

Healthy Water

Children need three times as much water per pound of body weight than adults. As their immune and detoxification systems are not yet fully developed, any ill effects from contaminants in the water are far more impactful to children's bodies.

Healthy Water

According to a recent New Scientist report, a comprehensive survey of U.S. drinking water reveals that drinking water may contain a host of hormonally active chemicals.