The RO water desalination unit

Consists of five stages: First stage: the stage (Sidment) (initial) early access to impurities in the water purification works on the nomination of a 5 micron sediment to remove loose material, rust and fiber
(Will be changed every 3 months)
Phase II: Carbon stage filter effectively remove the chlorine in the water
(Will be changed every 6 months)
The third stage: the stage of absorption of organic materials and chlorine residues (and change it every 6 months)
Phase IV: After the first three phases are pumping water through the Tor small size and silent, who is raising the water pressure of 2 bar to 6 bar and the pumping to Almmbrien one of the most important stage, which is a membrane semi-force 0.0001 micron which is separated by water molecules pure and storage tank supplied with the device and is separated by water contaminated by sewage tee excess salts and solids in the water
(Lifespan of one to two years) depending on the circumstances and water consumption
Phase V:
Is the removal of any odors or gases causing taste and odor change (change is every year)
Phase VI: a phase of the equation of the PH in the water

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Bilateral filter

Divided into two phases: the same stage the previous

Four filter

First stage: the stage of the nomination of the deposits by 5 microns to remove


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